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From creating computer programs that impacted thousands of users in Oman, partnering with public and government institutions that launched unique TV, Radio and Events programs for the mass public, creating and selling a rich internet portal website to an international group of companies, working within new functions of an organizations, accepting invitations and sharing knowledge as a prolific speaker in various schools,  colleges and universities (click here for audios and videos), creating a leading volunteer knowledge sharing platform of local and expat residents that work together solely to fill knowledge gap within the country, to winning various local and international awards  (click here to view the awards- Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani, best known for being Oman’s popular IT expert is an innovator who focuses on using information technology to make a difference to the society. His unique projects and various experience (click here to view projects) that led to local and international awards (click here to view the awards) is a proof in the pudding of the value Tariq has created over the years!

Tariq, born in 1979, has had a lifelong love affair with computers since the age of 5 when he was first introduced to one and has spent over 30 years in the company of these technological wonders. His passion for technology made him pursue Diploma in Information Systems, Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Computer Science, followed by a Master’s degree in Information Technology. Apart from enriching his technical knowledge and skills, Tariq has also furthered his business and management skills through multiple other professional courses and worked in different functions within organizations. Currently, Tariq is a candidate in Doctorate in Management of Organization.


Exploring technology and applying learning's to benefit the society is what Tariq enjoys in addition to helping people explore, develop, and reach their full potential; he accepts every opportunity from the public and private sector to do so through presentations, speaking engagements and consultancy. Tariq has donated over hundreds of educational materials to the academic institution in Oman. Knowledge Oman, the community knowledge sharing platform he founded, won an outstanding award for the cause of education at the World HRD Congress in 2013.

Throughout his life, his father, personal mentor and close friend, Hilal Masoud Al-Barwani, has been the corner stone of his success. It is he who identified and encouraged Tariq’s passion for computers and instilled in him a longing for learning.

Tariq, despite his several achievements, remains a down-to-earth person who considers his past as an experience gained; functions to the best of his abilities in the present; and constantly plans projects & activities to be undertaken in the future that is simply focused on making a difference to the society.

Currently, Tariq is actively involved with the society through the knowledge sharing community platform Knowledge Oman and is also engaged through the social media platforms : Facebook,  TwitterLinkedinInstagram and Youtube.

Tariq can be reached directly by clicking here.

Tools of the Trade.


Throughout his personal and professional life journey, Tariq managed to create and lead a number of innovative concepts and products that impacted the society, private and public institutions. His passion for IT & innovation is evident in the imaginative products and solutions he has developed for the public at large. Tariq is a firm believer in sharing knowledge; his endeavors are a reflection of his efforts to spread knowledge across the length and breadth of Oman.  

IT Columns / Articles
Started up the first computing and technology article, and contributed weekly articles in both leading English and Arabic newspapers in Oman for about 10 years since 1996. The articles were specifically targeted at promoting IT literacy and answering readers’ queries. The article was branded and known as "Tariq Online"
Introduced the 1st weekly technology article in the country for both the English and Arabic newspapers. Awaness about IT was build and more IT experts in the country started contributing articles till date.
Computer software’s for the public
Created a program for the Oman Telecommunication Company – Omantel (formally known as General Telecommunication Organization – GTO – and was owned by the government of Oman before privatization in 1999). The computer program was known as GTO-2-Omantel which helped users automatically configure their internet settings that reflected the transition of the government’s telecommunication into a private Oman Telecommunication Company (Omantel) . The program automatically configured the ISP Internet subscribers’ DNS, POP3 & SMTP protocols settings and simplified the process for all the telecom users base with few clicks to enable new settings onto their computer from GTO to Omantel. The program was released by Omantel officially to the public.
In addition, Tariq also created many security related programs and released them for the community’s safety including virus-cleaner programs that were also voted best in international downloads website. The programs were 'Happy99 virus, Fix2001 and the I love you Bug.
Over 20K (twenty thousand) users were benefited from using the program from the Internet Service Provider which was available for free.
The security related programs were featured internationally and downloaded by thousands of users globally.
Live TV and Radio Programme
Introduced in collaboration with the Ministry of information, two weekly IT programs - "Raqmyaat", a TV show, and CyberTalk, a radio programme - that were broadcasted live and the first of its kind in Oman. The programs presented the latest local and International IT news, product reviews, various topics, tips and tricks, and even included audience interaction with a question and answer session. From concept to execution, from content preparation to the presentation, Tariq himself handled all aspects of these shows for 3 years. The programs continue today by other presenters.
Introduced the 1st technology Radio and TV programs which were broadcasted live for over 3 years. The programs continue to play till date to build up awareness on information technology.
General Web portal
Tariq, along with a team in United Media Services, developed the first general/horizontal web portal in Oman called The portal was the main online interface to the country (Oman) where users could view information and services from different industries such as Community, Entertainment, City Guides, Tourism, Automobile, Health, Kids, Education, etc.
1st general portal website in the country was launched and many other followed suit after this initiative. The concept of creating web portals was born in Oman.
IT Web Portal
In 1999, Tariq singlehandedly developed the first IT portal in the Sultanate. The portal was named, after his name. The IT Portal delivered up-to-date and latest information about the IT scene locally & globally, through an attractive combination of best-of-breed contents and resources such as IT News, IT Jobs, IT Conferences, Free Downloads and more. After 3 months of the launch, Tariq’s IT Portal was purchased by one of the largest business group of companies in the country known as Oman Holdings International (OHI). The IT Portal initially named after Tariq was renamed as OHITariq Portal after being acquired in this whopping deal. OHI IT Portal received Best Website Award in Oman in 2000, within 6 months of Tariq joining as its Internet Services Manager to create an Internet Development Department and oversee the management of the IT Portal. After 2 years, Tariq left the team for further studies, and OHI renamed the portal to OHITECH. The Internet Development Department at OHI has grown and provides Internet related services till date.
11st technology website in the country and the 1st website acquired by largest software company. The site was sponsored by 7 major companies that include commercial bank of oman, bank muscat, times of oman, bahwan cybertek and khimji ramdas group of companies. The site was awarded best dot-com in 2000.
IT Quiz (Oman Web Awards 2011)
Introduced, and presented "IT Quiz", a new edutainment section to the Oman Web Awards 2011 programme, in collaboration with an event company, which added for the first time, an educational yet entertainment value to the event. The IT quiz has now become a regular feature at the Oman Web Awards.
The IT Quiz programme is now one of the main and live features of the local web awards programme.
IT School (at COMEX exhibition)
In partnership with the Oman International Trading Exhibition (OITE) in 2008, introduced a value added program called "Comex IT School" during Comex, the largest IT and Telecom Exhibition. The program was held throughout the exhibition period. COMEX today has an annual IT conference.
The IT school has attracted hundreds of students, professionals and exhibition guests. Today, COMEX has an IT conference as part of the annual exhibition.
Information Technology Awareness
Tariq embarked on a journey across the country under the brand he called the Information Technology Awareness (ITA). The main objective of the journey was to educate the public about IT, and promote digital literacy. The journey started from Muscat and was completed in Dhofar where Tariq visited schools, colleges and universities throughout the journey. Tariq continues till today to accept invitations to speak on IT, personal and career development sessions
Students and faculty members got the opportunity to learn about the latest in IT, career opportunities and what the future hold in the field of IT.
Public Speaker & Presenter
Tariq has addressed and continue to address various private and public organisations in Oman as well as International conferences and present various aspects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a special focus on ICT developments. The institutions include Indian School, Muscat College, the German University of Technology, Khimji Training Institute, Muscat Private School, Deslie Training Institute, Shatti Qurum School, Muscat Private School, Muscat chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), the Royal Oman Police, Nizwa Higher College of Technology, Nizwa Applied Sciences College, Sultan Qaboos University, the Middle East College of Information Technology, Muscat Higher College of Technology, the Modern College of Business and Science, Musaana Higher College of Technology, the University of Dhofar, Omani Society for Educational Technology, Royal Guard of Oman Technical College,  Secur Middle East Congress 2008 in Dubai, World Brand Congress 2010 and the Open Arab University, Social Media and Networking Event as part of the American Embassy MEPI program,  Organization Leadership Workshop for the US Embassy Alumni and TEDx Muscat 2013
Students, Teachers, Professionals and guests from various industries had the opportunity to interact with Tariq apart from learn about the latest in the field of technology.
Knowledge Oman
Tariq, along with a voluntary team of passionaite experts from the community, founded Knowledge Oman, a volunteer based platform that focuses purely on sharing knowledge for free, to empower the people of Sultanate. Tariq created a team of professionals from local and expat community living in Oman whom have passion of sharing knowledge for the betterment of the society. This multi award winning project has, since its inception in 2008, launched many initiatives for the community such as an Online School (KO School), Show Your Potential Program (SYP) in collaboration with ITA and Microsoft to assist public in passing Microsoft Programs, Quizzes for Knowledge, and free seminars bringing talents, experts and researchers under one roof, and many charity initiatives as well. Tariq currently presides as the President of KO, overseeing the design, strategy, direction and overall development of the project. The Web Portal received an International Standard Web Technology Award within a year of the launch from the Oman Web Awards 2009 Competition, Silver Award for its forums in Oman Web Awards 2011, Strategic Cultural Award in 2012 at PAN Arab Web Awards, and Outstanding contribution to the cause of education Award (for the community activities) at the World Human Resource Development (HRD) Congress in 2012.
Local and Expats living in the society found a platform to share their knowledge, skils, experience, passion and interest in giving learning for free. Knowledge Oman has engaged with a number of institution to bridge the gap between industries and community by allowing the sharing of free knowledge to enrich the society.

Local and international recognition

Headlines that make a difference


Tariq’s activities and contributions to the society have been featured in a number of local and international media that include newspapers, magazines, online publication, TV and Radio. Tariq has been referred in the publications as the Man of the Moment, Silicon Super Kid, WhizKid, Genius, Brains of Oman, Hacker, Marketing Guru, Popular IT Expert, and Technical Manager. Tariq was featured in "Jawharat Oman" book as one of the top 40 achievers in the Sultanate. The book was launched during the Best Performing Companies 2011 event. He was also featured in 2012 in “Those Who Inspire” a book published in Oman about 50 top people that have inspired the nation. Tariq appeared n the cover pages of the leading newspapers and magazines as well.

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